Bring your Drawings to Real life

Who don't likes to make Drawings, sketching them and colouring them is such a fun process and after completing a drawing or and craft we feel very refreshing. People make drawing of their favourite Actors, Cartoons, Toys and many other such things, But what if your drawing becomes Movable and move the way you want, it's really very interesting.

SO let's Know, How to Convert your Drawings to Real Life - We will use a Website to Make the Drawing Moving.

The First step in converting drawings to real life is To Draw and Color it.

Secondly take a photo of you Drawing. Here's An Example

Third Step is to go to Animated Drawings and Upload your Drawing image.

Click on Next

Now, Your Image Will be Cropped Automatically but if there's some problem, you can crop it Manually.

The next Step is to Separate the Character. All Instructions will be shown to you on the Website.

Last step is to Finding Character Joints, Put the small circles on the Joints of your Drawing.



Now just Choose The animation you like and your Movable Drawing is Ready.