Earn Money by Using your PC | Earn Money Online

Making Money Online is the Thing that everyone wants to do. You may have already Searched a lot on "How to Make Money Online" and most of the people can't find the suitable way for themselves. There are Some same ways that you find on Almost Every Site. But the way we are Going to Tell You today is new and we promise that it will definitely make you Money if you give a little time to it.

Have You ever listen of Making Money Just by using using your Computer or Windows. Well, Today we are going to tell that how you can Earn Money by Using Windows 10.

But you must have an PC to use this, If you have one so let's continue.

We all have Microsoft Edge in our PC. In this Method, you have to  use Edge Browser as Normal and it will automatically earn Money for you.

Firstly, Open Microsoft Edge in your PC

Now just Start Using it. When you will browse, your points will be earned automatically.

How to Check Collected Points?

To view your collected points. Click on the three Dots. and click Microsoft Rewards.

You can Redeem your points by various Methods Available. 

There are many methods available like- Amazon Pay gift cards, League of legends gift card, Flipkart,Bigbaske,Fastrack,Croma,Cleantrip,Lifestyle gift card and many more.

Start your Earning Now.