Google Chrome Hidden Feature.


Free web browser Chrome is compatible with a variety of hardware and operating systems. It is quick, simple to use, and safe. Chrome offers a variety of features that improve web browsing experience and productivity, including:

Quick links, customised news articles, and integrated Google Search and Google Translate are all included.

A simple user interface with few choices or buttons to maximise screen real estate.

using a built-in task manager, you can keep track of and disable tabs and extensions that are consuming excessive amounts of memory or CPU.3.

The newest web standards and technologies are supported.

Google Chrome Hidden Feature.

There is a Hidden Feature of Google That you might don't know. But it can be Very Helpful. So without any more time waste let's know about it.

If you need a Certain Tab to always be there even if you close the Browser or Shutdown your PC. You can Pin it. To pin a Tab just right click on it an d click on Pin

Now the Tab will be there Always.