Share Large files in Seconds (No Size limit)

Our daily lives have become far more dependent on file sharing, which makes it simple to move data across people and devices. We all know that transferring large files requires more time than sharing smaller files. It will take longer to transfer a file that is larger since there is more data to share. But today we are going to provide you a Solution for this.

Share Large files in 2 Seconds - The way we are Going to tell you is very Easy. You have to just select your file and it will be Uploaded within seconds. Let's see the Tutorial.

Go to Click on the Upload Button.

Select your File.

Now you will get a Link and a QR Code for your uploaded file. There are some Direct Sharing Options of Apps like - Whatsapp, Facebook, E-mail, etc. Just Send this Link to the Receiver.

NOTE - If you Close this Page will Stop Sharing. So, keep this Page Opened in the Background.

That's For Today