Type Without Keyboard (in Every Language)

Typing has become an integral part of our everyday life, Whether it's for business, education, or personal use. However, typing can often be a slow and boring process, especially for people who are not skilled at it.

So to fix this we are going to provide the best solution to you.

Type Without Keyboard - The website which we are going to use today  is Google Docs. You may have already heard about it before but the trick which we are going to tell you today is like a secret. 
So let's Go Ahead

Firstly, Go to Google Docs. Open a New/Blank Document.

A new Document will be Opened to you.

Now Press ctrl+shift+S. You will now see a Audio Option there.

Now you have to just speak and your text will be typed Automatically.
After completing Typing, Select all the Text and Copy it. Now you can Paste all the Text wherever You want.
                                                     ONE MORE TIP  ^_^

You can Also Change the Language By clicking on the Audio Option and Select your preferred Language.